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How to Get Voiceover Work + Break Into User-Generated Content | Casting Director Tips

How to Get Voiceover Work + Break Into User-Generated Content | Casting Director Tips

Learn how actors can get cast in voiceover and user-generated content (UGC) from Casting Director and Backstage Casting Specialist Christine McKenna-Tirella in this episode of the Actor’s Toolkit, a video series that provides expert advice on how to navigate career growth both online and in person, and gives you the inside scoop on how to prepare for the biggest trends in the business today. McKenna-Tirella outlines the voiceover equipment, Backstage profile tweaks, and acting résumé basics you’ll need to get voiceover work. She also explains what user-generated content is, what to expect in auditions, and how you can get started—particularly if you have a prominent following on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. We also speak directly to Backstage members to give them personalized feedback on their Backstage profiles. In this session: 02:04 - Voiceover 02:44 - Recording for best sound 03:45 - Voiceover equipment 04:39 - Voiceover demos 05:45 - User-generated content 06:32 - What is User-generated content? 07:27 - Filming from home 37:37 - Negotiating rates for voiceover work 43:02 - Voiceover classes 44:24 - Voiceover recording software 47:06 - Getting into voiceover More Resources From Backstage: How to Build a Home Voiceover Studio: Your Guide to the Perfect Self Tape: Looking for more remote learning opportunities? Check out The Slate!

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